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BBF Application 

Bear's Bites Foundation Grant

Bear's Bites Foundation will help provide assistance up to $500 for a medical emergency or a quality of life situation.  Our mission is to lesson the burden pet families might face when a medical emergency happens to their pet and they are faced with a situation of having to euthanize or surrender their pet due to their financial situation. 


Please keep in mind that all criteria must be met to qualify.

You must complete every field to be considered. If you are awarded financial assistance, we will send direct deposit to the veterinary office providing the service.  Please keep in mind that you will still be required to find funds for the remainder of the bill.  Care Credit is a service that helps pet parents fund medical care as well.  


Must be a medical emergency or a quality of life situation

We will need to speak with your veterinarian to confirm emergency or quality of life situation.

Pet has to have been seen and diagnosed by veterinarian

Must have a quote or estimate for treatment for pet

Must have the money to cover the remainder of the bill


Grant Application

To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Want to help support our cause? 

Please reach out to donate!  

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