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Lost a pet?   

Here are some steps if you find yourself in this situation.  

* Immediately contact your local animal control.  

* Walk or drive through the area where the pet was last seen.  Call             their name frequently.

* Make a post on social media.  There are several groups for                       communities and lost pets.  Be sure to include the area they were           last seen and any important information along with how to contact         you. 

* Contact local vet office and shelter as many times found pets are           taken there.

* Make and post flyers.  Be sure to include photos, pet's name, any           pertinent information along with correct owner contact information.

* Contact animal control frequently to see if your pet has been picked       up.

* Search want ads as sometimes people might try selling a found pet.  

Always be sure to keep identification on your pet and make sure your microchip information is current.  



Found a pet?   

Here are some simple steps to help reunite them with their owner. 


* Immediately contact your local animal control.

* If possible, take to a nearby vet clinic to have them check for a chip

* Post on social media in local community groups.

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